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Ronald Dorsey

Ronald Dorsey has always been inspired to write lyrics that make an impact and grabs attention like a waiter dropping a tray full of fine crystal in a fancy restaurant. 

Dorsey is a  New York based singer, songwriter, and pianist. He began singing in church at age 9, and hasn’t stopped since. He is greatly influenced by all styles of music, especially jazz. He has played  all over the U.S. touching the souls of his fans with his music.

His travels are unmistakably reflected in his songwriting and  performed  in front  of thousands from small intimate  gatherings to  bigger venues  at well-known places such as at The Bitter End, The Sugar Bar, The Village Underground, and various clubs in the New York City.

In between writing, performing,  and recording new songs in his studio, he teaches children piano, and guitar and plays piano for private occasions.

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"What brings me the most joy is seeing the reaction the audience has to my live performances.  No two reactions are ever the same and I appreciate every opportunity I’m given to bring others joy and inspiration." 





.. Margeaux Davis has a sweet, friendly spirit, and this girl can groove! Familiar with the stage, Margeaux is a blast to watch, on and off the mic. Born and raised on the south side of Minneapolis. she is fully identifiable: “jazzy… Hip Hop Soul – Etta James meets J. Dilla”. Margeaux is what you call the “Black Sheep” of her family. No one is musically inclined in her family, so she gets her musical gift from listening to all the greats as a child.

Some artists inject their stage show with interplay from fellow band mates, , . She has experience as a stage actor (Broadway Production RENT January 2010 At The Lab Theater with Paris Bennett and Jamecia Bennett ), she won best female R&B vocal 2010 (First Ave), she was nominated for best female R&B vocal 2011, 2012 2013 and she was invited to sing The National Anthem for the 2011 2012, 2013 MN Timber Wolves.

Back in 2007 Margeaux got the chance to perform with the late great "Ruth Brown" in Las Vegas

Also Was Invited to perform at the "Minneapolis Black Music Awards" At The Pantages Theater July 2011. Where Ann Nesby, Next, Prince, Alexandre O'Neal, Auburn and many more were recognized...

Margeaux was asked to be a part of a historic event Aug 2011 for the great Desmond Tutu's arrival in Minneapolis that was held at the Minneapolis Community Technical College where Keith Ellison represented her.

Margeaux has opened for “Zo” and “Carmen Rogers” of the “Foreign Exchange”, 2014 .. Ashley DuBose from the “Voice” Paris Bennett from American Idol, Jamecia Bennett from the “Sounds Of Blackness (Ann Nesby’s Daughter) Margeaux has also shared the stage with Gladys Knight in Las Vegas, Marsha Ambrosius, Bonnie Raitt, Bial, Mint Condition, Emily King , Lyfe Jennings, Vivian Green, Jelly Bean Johnson Noel Gourdin Eric Roberson , Alexander Oneal ,

Margeaux released her EP titled "Won't Do It Again" with "Grand Melody Music" with Producers Andre Dennis and Andre Reynolds

Margeaux's Memo

"When I wake the morning When I lie down at night

the only thing I can think about is singing.. Music.. .. Entertaining.. People

I get a high when I am on that stage ..

It's my sanctuary

It's my calm in the mist of the storm

It ain't easy.. And I understand that other millions of people trying to make it ..

It's crabs in a bucket,,everybody wants to see you doing well.. Just not better than them..

I've been told I look to ethnic.. I m too fat.. You'll never make it in this industry because you're over weight..

Hell let's face it ..Adele said it best.. You know I make music for your ears not your eyes.. So visualize that

What a statement powerful I understand that I've picked one of the hardest industries to break into ..

I understand that I may get Hated on for being a plus size women.,

I realize that I don't come from a musical family .. And sometimes that alone is against me.. But instead of focusing on the cons..

Let's focus on the pros

I make music that makes people feel good about themselves ,I make music for your soul,I make music to make you think. About life in general .. The beauty in it..

Music is probably the only thing that doesn't separate us as human beins

Music is universal .. And it's the only thing that unites us

I understand that it's very difficult .. But you know in general is difficult and hard ..

but it's not impossible.. That last word alone Impossible is

I'm possible I've practiced the art of timing I can show you way better than I could ever tell you.. I'm ready .. It's time And It's my time"